National Chocolate Day

This past Wednesday was National Chocolate Day, and we celebrated it a few days early in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at Kakawa Chocolate House savoring European sipping chocolate aka chocolate elixirs.

What is sipping chocolate you ask? Liquid gold my friends.

There are many different varieties of sipping chocolate besides the European version including Mayan and Jeffersonian (after THE Thomas Jefferson). Some are flavored with herbs, flowers, and chiles while others are more tame with the use of almond milk. No matter which version you pick you won’t be disappointed. Each sip is silky smooth and full of rich cocoa flavor. It puts traditional hot chocolate to shame!

sipping chocolate

While I know it is difficult to travel to New Mexico just for sipping chocolate, you can travel to Pitango, an Italian gelato shop in Fells Point, for the same type of drink. They even sell theirs to take home.